Technology Resources to Help Struggling Readers at Home

This week my goal was to find free resources parents could use at home on their home computer. There is no shortage of available and beneficial apps for ipads, kindles and smart phones, but I realize every family might not have access to these devices. If families do not have a home computer, there are available computers for use at every local library. Although I understand that technology cannot replace parent/child interaction, I think the use of technology has proved to engage students and keep them interested in different ways.

I was able to find resources at the local library where children could select a book series, such as Cat in the Hat, and have the story read aloud to them, play interactive games and complete assessment tests for each series. I thought this was a wonderful resource for parents to use either to add variety in the home interaction or in the case that a family did not have access to a home computer or technology devices.

The best at home website I was able to find was truly remarkable, it’s called Scootpad. Scootpad is an interactive website that is completely free and is available to use in the classroom as well in conjunction with the student’s teacher. It offers assistance in reading as well as math. Scootpad can be accessed at home and is based off of each child’s grade level and reading level. The child will take a beginning assessment test to determine what games should be accessed first. The program keeps up with the child’s progress and creates specific assessments as the students progresses. Teachers can set up rewards for students to earn in the classroom and classmates can message each other with words of encouragement and praise as other students complete a level. I believe this website can be beneficial in any k-6 classroom and home. As an added bonus, it is also available for download in the apple and android markets for free.

Thank you, Lauren for your post! I hoped that this blog could be beneficial to others as well as myself and I really wanted the websites to be available for any reader to access. I truly believe that parent involvement is key when helping struggling readers and that involvement shines into the classroom as well. I have learned a lot about this topic and really bettered myself as not only an early childhood education student, but also as a parent.


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